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Africa Reborn From Coast to Coast Inc. is a tax-deductable charity in Brooklyn New York since March 2017 with EIN 82-1392156. Africa Reborn hopes to brings lasting solutions to the African Problems and will put programs across Sub-Sahara one after another.

Some Prominent world  leaders had already called for re-colonization of Africa as a solution to the African problem. And African Reborn is trying to avoid that from ever happening.

Our Mission



I  am Winifred Ayuk from Cameroon based in Brooklyn, New York. I was  in Abuja-Nigeria on an assignment for a week last month, After which i decided to checkout on some physically challenged people for the website of my  charity, Africa Reborn From Coast to Coast Inc. 501(c) 3. I knew this was a critical situation to be addressed in all of sub-Sahara but i never knew it would be taking me into an emotional world. I had no plans of returning to Abuja anytime soon for my starting point would have been Cameroon, my home nation. Our interaction after  a couple of days was already like that of a closed  family.  They were very quick in giving me their phone numbers so i don’t miss them if i get back. No one had to tell me i represented  imminent  hope and life to them.

All the photos you see are taken in market places In Abuja area for that is where the crowd is. I never had the courage to ask the cause of any of their  disabilities or how long they had been like that. Sadly i noticed they were all timid about their conditions. No need for  long stories those images are self explicit.

Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of Charity, it is an act of justice.”

Nelson Mandela


Lamil is the lady on the wheel chair with tires falling apart.



Yusuf is the guy in purple going on his feet and left hand. As i left the market one evening i saw him along the street going from one taxi to another. At first i did not want him to see me for we had known each other. When i realized he was trying to get back home that was when i approached him. Fortunately we were going towards the same direction. I asked him if he did not mind me coming to see where he lived and he said it was okay. But when he got to his stop i asked the same question again and noticed he would prefer not. So i bidded him farewell.



Suleman is the guy in green t-shirt rolling all over the place. He lives in the outskirt and has a wheel chair but coming to hustle in Abuja, the cabs will not carry his wheel chair. So he comes only with his rollers



Akimi is the guy rolling with the green basin for his alms. He needs an electric wheel chair for his hands are not good and he's struggling to raise money to get one from someone who just passed and the cost is $700.



Mohammed is the guy lying all flat on the ground. He cannot seat and has no gadget proposal for he said nothing could be done about his situation.



Joseph is the guy sitting on the ground not knowing whether to pose with his canned drink for the video or not



Aminu is one of the trios definitely a wheel chair is a solution for their situation. They quickly suggested i should get their phone number.



My fast return to Abuja depends on your generosity and how you help in making this campaign go viral. I still need more people in the team.  You are all invited to join. All donations are tax deductable. The goal and mission of this organization is clearly stated on the website. For Abuja my goal is 1000 wheel chairs at the total cost of $100,000. Those wheel chairs owned by the men are made in Nigeria and sold for about $100 each.   Definitely it will call for attention, during which as a charity  i will be very soft but as an African i will  firmly let the government understand this is government responsibility even if it means everyone has to take some steps backward.


What about their health, accommodation and feeding? Charity will not be there forever but government not only will it be there forever but can grow stronger and stronger. And this project fortunately/unfortunately will boost the wheel chair industry in Nigeria. The women got theirs at a similar price. Most of them bought  their  wheel chairs by themselves. One of them said someone bought it for him and Suleman said he got his  from an agency of the disabled and the guy maneuvering with his in the crowd  said it was the local government in his area that gave him his. So there is no pattern to ensure everyone of them is taken care of. And almost all the men told me of their wives and children at home they were taking care of. The women prefer  what you see lamil and lantana sitting on for they lack the physical strength to hand paddle.


I will work closely with prominent religious groups for distributing leftovers if at all.  I won’t leave any with a government agency for they have been  known for selling charitable goods. Some people in Abuja have already indicated their availability for moral assistance. Many people in the market struggling for their daily bread made offers to them, and also  appreciated my keen interest in them which gave me a lot of encouragement.


And for those who don’t have bank accounts or don’t like using credit/debit cards for all transactions, and will  like to be a part of this, i have taken all the risk after some consultation with financial experts to put out the information of the bank out there. That is how dire the situation is. Everyone can contribute even panhandlers can make a bank deposit of  the coins they step on all over the nation. A deposit of a cent is permissible in the bank.

Bank of America

Name of Account: Africa Reborn From Coast to Coast Inc.

Routing number: 021 000 322 (electronic and direct deposit)

Routing number: 026 009 593 wire (for wire transfer)

Account number: 4830 7011 6949



1205 Eastern Pkwy #17A
New York, NY 11213