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Africa Reborn from Coast inc. is a tax-deductable charity in Brooklyn New York since March 2017 with EIN 82-1392156. Africa Reborn hopes to brings lasting solutions to the African Problems and will put programs across Sub-Sahara one after another. Some Prominent world  leaders had already called for re-colonization of Africa as a solution to the African problem. And African Reborn is trying to avoid that from ever happening.

Our initial projects include:

  • Supplying assisted mobility to people in need in Sub-Sahara. We’ll also collaborate with religious groups and charities for distribution.

  • Encouraging and assisting each nation to prevent their citizens in need from having to go without such assistance by helping them incorporate the appropriate service to their people permanently.

  • We stand ready to provide the opportunity in schools to address areas where we recognize failure in the educational system, such as inaction and also including the lack of leadership skills in some African communities.

  • We’ll seek funds from willing donors wanting to see Africa improve and work in close collaboration with international and local African political parties seeking assistance.

  • We hope to work closely with American Universities such as Saint Johns that has already demonstrated their willingness to assist in Africans affairs in the past and also through the President’s efforts, as you can see on the link: https://shar.es/1NqkZe

The President of Africa Reborn, Winifred Ayuk, stood up as an Ambassador to the region in 2015, calling for intervention on their governments by international bodies, after six years of daily misfortunes of Sub-Saharans on the Mediterranean sea with no response of any kind from the region. (It got deadly from 2008 when President Berlusconi of Italy and  President Gadaffi of Libya jointly agreed to start pushing back the boats. The boats started trying to dodge patrolling ships by navigating routes they were not familiar with. Before this operation, the movement had been there for about ten years. Some 48-72hour journeys have women giving birth on board at times and include unaccompanied children etc.

The President of African Reborn led a demonstration in Rome on 09/05/2015 at piazza Santa Apostoli from 10am to 2pm, authorized and supervised by Italian police force asking for our voices to be brought over to the UN by the Pope, European Union and  Italian Parliament. At the end of which we submitted our letters to the designated parties. Also another demonstration was carried out in New York in September 2015 during the UN General Assembly for the same purpose.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.